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How to Relieve Stress

in Nature

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Power of Mother Nature
How to Relieve Stress
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A lot of people are using the term mental health these days, but in a recent discussion the presenter used the phrase “mental hygiene”. With the onset of COVID-19 and flu season each year, we all talk about personal hygiene like washing hands, not touching your face and everyday activities like taking showers. Those things are only our physical hygiene, most people completely forget that “mental hygiene” should also be an important part of our daily routine. In our quarantine and post-quarantine lives, we need to take steps each day to maintain or improve our mindset.



Power of Mother Nature


One of the easiest ways to help you relax is by spending time in nature. Mother nature can touch each of your senses and bring you to a calming state of mind. In those moments, we can focus on ourselves and connecting to our inner thoughts. With all the distractions that our technological world throws at us, it is powerful to not only be able to listen to your inner voice, but to connect and understand how you are feeling.


If you truly immerse yourself in nature, your mind, body, and soul will be nurtured by the calming pace of nature. Below are a couple of my favorite quotes about mother nature. Find more quotes at Inspiring Nature Quotes.

How to Relieve Stress in Nature


First step is to keep your phone at home! Later, you can take your phone for photos only, but do not temp yourself in the beginning. We are all programmed to respond to each ring, vibrate and email, and consistently checking what we could be missing on social media, but this time in nature is to SAVE YOU from the chaos.


Find a park or even a green space in your neighborhood and go explore. If you are like me, my mind is always racing full of ideas, questions, and thoughts. In nature, I can better shut it all down and focus on what I want to think about. Take in nature’s sounds and sights surrounding you for a few minutes. You can either walk or find a bench in a calming location, but ask yourself out loud, HOW AM I FEELING?


It will be normal to have negative thoughts come to mind first like whatever is stressing you at the time. Everyone experiences negative thoughts and emotions and often the response to these things is fear of those negative thoughts coming true. Fears are rational, but do not let your irrational responses take control.


God has blessed each of us with an incredible brain. Our mind is powerful and what we feed it, is what will expand and unfold in our lives. Never forget the power of positive thoughts. For each of those negative thoughts and emotions, tell yourself out loud the opposite of the negative. If you are stressing about an overwhelming project at work, tell yourself the positives that will happen when you overcome the current obstacles. Simply put, turn your inner critic into a motivational coach.


When you have transformed your negative thoughts to more optimistic views, then once again pay attention to the details of nature surrounding you. My guess is you will feel more entuned to your surroundings. Keep the power of optimism rolling each morning by telling yourself each day, “Today is going to be a great day!”

Connect to Nature

Benefit to Maintain Connection to Nature


Everyone is crunched for time these days but setting aside time for YOU will save you time and help relieve stress in other aspects of your life. I recommend spending a minimum of fifteen minutes in nature at least three times per week. When this process becomes a habit, you will not only have an optimistic outlook, but you will see drastic changes in your life. Then you can work on your vision and purpose and through the power of optimism not only be successful but be significant.


Mother Nature can be a healing source in your life, but you must embrace the power that nature holds in our lives. From beautiful spring buds and chirps of birds to the touch of wind across your face, let the patience and calm of nature sooth your mind and allow it to open to the power of positive.

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How to Relieve Stress in Nature

How to Relieve Stress in Nature

Power of Mother Nature

Find tips to use the calming peace in nature to relieve your stress and anxiety.

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