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DIY Modern Adirondack Chairs

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

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I built two modern Adirondack chairs for less than $100 with no previous woodworking experience except a shelf in seventh grade shop class. If you already have tools and a small garage workshop, you may just need the lumber which is only about $40 per chair!

Why I Built My Own Chairs

Outdoor furniture is expensive. I had just moved into our new house and wanted comfortable chairs for our firepit in the backyard. With so many projects swirling in my mind, I needed to save money but still wanted the chairs!

I wanted chairs that don't need cushions, because they would be out in the Florida rain most of the time.

I search Pinterest before most of my projects and thankfully stumbled across Ana White and her free plans for 2x4 modern Adirondack chairs. I love Adirondack chairs, but the modern style of this plan really spoke to me. I followed her every word, though I felt as a true beginner, meaning literally borrowed all tools for the project, there were words missing that really could have helped make things easier for my first woodworking project in my garage.

In my article, I'll try to give all newbies a few tips for those that don't know the woodworking lingo like me. You'll find lists for tools and supplies that I used, and a cut list, but to get Ana White's free plans you must go to 2x4 modern Adirondack Chairs plans.



I borrowed all tools for my first project from a friend, but have since purchased the Ryobi tools listed. These are the same tools that I used to complete the modern Adirondack chairs as a beginner.

I only used a circular saw for all the cuts for Adirondack chairs, but highly recommend a miter saw in order to get perfectly straight cuts. I upgraded to the Ryobi Compound Sliding Miter Saw immediately after completion of my first do-it-yourself project.

Circular Saw Miter Saw Impact Driver

Sander Carpente