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Weekend Workshop: Woodworking Tools, Supplies & Safety for DIY Projects

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

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Ever wanted to get started in woodworking and do-it-yourself projects?

Weekend woodworker in need of new power tools?

This is a beginner's guide to the must have woodworking tools for your DIY garage workshop. I started my woodworking projects in the quarantine of 2020, because I moved into a new house and wanted outdoor furniture that wasn't ridiculously over-priced. The power tools, saws and supplies on this list are all tools that I own and use on my DIY furniture and home décor projects.



Let me start by saying the Miter Saw is my go-to saw. It makes a cut list go much faster. I started with a circular saw, because I didn't yet have a miter saw. I do still use a circular saw in certain instances and have a jigsaw that will soon get more use.

I'm obsessed with Ryobi tools and love just switching out batteries to the next tool; however, I recommend a corded miter saw.

A few things about the different types of miter saws. A standard miter saw simply makes miter cuts. A compound miter saw is more specialized and makes both miter and bevel cuts. The sliding compound miter saw makes both cuts, but has rails that enable you to slide the saw backward and forward significantly increasing the capacity of your cuts to enable you to cut much thicker pieces of material. I chose the sliding compound miter saw below to cut wider boards for my modern Adirondack chairs. I built a table for my miter saw, but the table included below is a great option.

Ryobi 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw Same Miter Saw & Universal Quickstand

Ryobi One 18V Cordless 5 1/2 Inch Circular Saw [Battery Not Included]

The 5 1/2 inch circular saw is a great size to start with and I've included two blades that I've worked with in my workshop.

Ryobi 5 1/2 Inch Circular Saw BLADE Ryobi 5 1/2 Inch Finish & Trim Circular Saw BLADE