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Weekend Workshop: Woodworking Tools, Supplies & Safety for DIY Projects

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

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Ever wanted to get started in woodworking and do-it-yourself projects?

Weekend woodworker in need of new power tools?

This is a beginner's guide to the must have woodworking tools for your DIY garage workshop. I started my woodworking projects in the quarantine of 2020, because I moved into a new house and wanted outdoor furniture that wasn't ridiculously over-priced. The power tools, saws and supplies on this list are all tools that I own and use on my DIY furniture and home décor projects.



Let me start by saying the Miter Saw is my go-to saw. It makes a cut list go much faster. I started with a circular saw, because I didn't yet have a miter saw. I do still use a circular saw in certain instances and have a jigsaw that will soon get more use.

I'm obsessed with Ryobi tools and love just switching out batteries to the next tool; however, I recommend a corded miter saw.

A few things about the different types of miter saws. A standard miter saw simply makes miter cuts. A compound miter saw is more specialized and makes both miter and bevel cuts. The sliding compound miter saw makes both cuts, but has rails that enable you to slide the saw backward and forward significantly increasing the capacity of your cuts to enable you to cut much thicker pieces of material. I chose the sliding compound miter saw below to cut wider boards for my modern Adirondack chairs. I built a table for my miter saw, but the table included below is a great option.

The 5 1/2 inch circular saw is a great size to start with and I've included two blades that I've worked with in my workshop.

I currently use the 6 1/2 Inch Ryobi Circular Saw and bought this one, because it came with the blade.



The impact driver is a must have power tool and one should possess a drill driver for regular household projects. I definitely couldn't do my furniture projects without my impact driver. My brad nailer came in handy when I designed my office wall design to fix the boards to the wall studs.

Ryobi 18V Impact Driver [Battery Not Included]

Ryobi 18V Cordless Brad Nailer [Battery Not Included]

This Ryobi kit is often a better deal to get both the impact driver and the drill driver for your garage workshop. And don't forget the must have drill bit kit.



I listed the 1.5Ah battery in case you need a really cheap option, otherwise I suggest investing in the more powerful 4.0Ah batteries.



If you are in need of a sander, you've come to the right place. No more cords and a must have to stop the mindless sanding by hand only. I love measuring for my projects and am completely fascinated by the carpenter speed squares, such a cool tool! The clamps that I have included on the garage workshop list are ones that I use and think are super helpful.

These sanding discs are a great deal. The assorted grits are 60/80/100/120/180/240/320/400 with 10 of each included. The 8-hole sanding discs fit the Ryobi Orbit Power Sander above.



This is my absolute favorite tool that I used on my first woodworking project of Modern Adirondack Chairs. Pocket holes are fabulous, because they hide the screw from view and this Kreg Jig for Pocket-Holes makes it super easy! I used the cheaper model Kreg Jig, but I'll be purchasing the larger Kreg Pocket Hole Jig System to use on future projects.

The most common size Kreg screws that I've used in projects are the two listed below, but the Screw Kit is a great start for your garage workshop.



Safety in your weekend workshop is extremely important. Below are some of the items that I have found helpful for woodworking projects. I find the dust masks necessary when sanding or sawing for a significant amount of time. Safety goggles/glasses are a must have with so many little things flying around in the workshop. The woodworking apron is super helpful to keep tools within your grasp and not drive yourself crazy trying to remember where you laid down each tool.


Did you find this list helpful?

I'm partial to the Ryobi brand, because they tend to be cheaper than other brands, but great quality and love simply exchanging batteries with all the cordless tools. Blogs on my specific woodworking projects coming very soon! For now, below are a few pics of a few pieces of furniture that I built with the tools and supplies on this beginner's guide.

Modern Adirondack Chairs
Modern Adirondack Chairs
Front Porch Wooden Chairs
Front Porch Wooden Chairs
Front Porch DIY Wood Chairs
Front Porch DIY Wood Chairs
DIY Garage Workbench
DIY Garage Workbench

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