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Home Gym Simplified & Women's Workout Clothes

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

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The pandemic forced many people to adapt to home workouts. You don't need lots of heavy strength training equipment or a gym membership to stay fit and healthy.

I had career ending injuries, but I was a full scholarship Division I track athlete for the Tennessee Volunteers. After hours and hours spent in gyms over the years, I'd grown to detest gym life and prefer to train on my own from home. I don't care for men staring at me while I workout and absolutely hate group classes. I don't find it necessary to have a room dedicated for a home gym and my garage is where my woodworking workshop is located so no room there either. I keep my equipment in a closet and grab what I need each day.

If you're like me, you keep workouts simple and enjoy your privacy at home!

This simplified home gym equipment list helps me tone and strengthen my muscles, maintain my weight, and stretch to stay healthy. I added some of my favorite workout clothes, because new outfits always get me excited for my next home workout!


Enjoy the strengthening and stretching aspects of yoga? Are you on the hunt for the perfect yoga kit? I use my yoga mat everyday, mostly for exercises in my HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. This all-in-one yoga kit comes in a wide array of colors and includes yoga mat with carrying strap, yoga blocks, yoga stretch strap & 2 microfiber yoga towels.

The yoga or exercise ball is one of my favorites, because I can also use it as a chair when I'm working in my home office which helps with my core muscles throughout the day. This resistance bands with this yoga ball chair offer a great way to tone your muscles in a variety of exercises. Also available in black, blue, orange, purple and mint green.

A good weight bench comes in handy for quite a few types of workouts and this one is space-saving, light weight and very affordable.

I have stairs in my house that I go up and down to my office a lot throughout the day, but I like this mini stair-stepper because of the addition of the resistance bands and the whole body workout the stair-stepper provides.

Every home gym workout needs either dumbbells or kettlebells to add some toning weight to the exercises. Dumbbells are available in weights from three to fifteen pounds while the kettlebells come as a kit with storage stand.

Dumbbell Hand Weights [3, 4, 8, 10, 12, 15 Pounds]


Stretching is so important and more so as you get older. The beginner guide that comes with the Stretch Out Strap is definitely helpful to get you started. The Keshi Foam Roller Set and 5-in-1 Foam Roller Set are both fantastic, but the 5-in-1 set is more popular while the Keshi set is usually cheaper.

Need some new outfit inspiration to restart your health & fitness? Check out my favorite activewear workout clothes from tank tops and sports bras to yoga pants, running shorts and must-have yoga socks.

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